Women's Ministries

Grace Crossing Women’s Ministries

The Women’s Ministry at Grace Crossing exists to give women the opportunity to use the gifts that God has given them to serve this church and others (Romans 12:6-8). It functions under the oversight of the Grace Crossing Eldership and an Advisory Team of women. It is our goal to help every woman to feel that she has a valuable role in the growth and success of this ministry. Different opportunities are offered in order to help every woman to be involved and build a deeper relationship with God, grow closer to their sisters in Christ and to glorify God through their service. When you find a ministry that God is calling you to be involved in, please contact the Women@GraceCrossing.net with questions and information on how to volunteer and get involved.

Spiritual Growth Ministries

These ministries include events dedicated to Christ centered teaching
such as Bible Studies, weekend retreats, area conferences and special events.

Women Opening the Word (WOW)
WOW provides the opportunity to have an in-depth study that will bring the power of the Bible alive in your life. Both morning and evening studies are offered throughout the year. Check the website and bulletin for schedules.
Ministry Leader: Karen
Women’s Retreats/Conferences
God’s presence is all around us, but it often gets drowned out by the demands of our daily routine. Breaking away with other Christian women for a time invites a unique opportunity for us to hear and see God in a different way. It is not only a way to experience spiritual breakthroughs and growth but spend special time with our sisters in Christ.

Servant Ministries

Servant ministries are based on encouraging the women of Grace Crossing
to meet the needs of the church family and community.

Bereavement Meals
This ministry provides a meal for families after funerals and memorial services. Volunteers cook and serve this meal to show love and support for families who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

Ministry Leader: Sue Greene

Be an encourager. Send cards one week out of each year to those who are in need of encouragement. A packet of 6-8 cards along with a weekly email list of names from the prayer requests will be provided.

Ministry Leader: Shari Jackson

Expecting Mothers
This ministry is a support system for expecting mothers and celebrates new life in the earliest stages. (Joys of pregnancy, pain of loss, difficulty of waiting on God’s timing, etc.) Volunteers are needed for prayer teams and peer counseling.

Ministry Leader: Jessica Legan

Sisters in Service
This ministry provides meals for members in need. Volunteers cook and deliver a meal to show love and support to those who have had a baby, lost a loved one, or are dealing with illness, recovery and more.

Ministry Leader: Sue Greene

Fellowship Ministries

This ministry provides sisters at Grace Crossing the opportunity
to celebrate our walk in Christ together by spending quality time together throughout the year.

Heartfelt Friends
This is a small group ministry for women of all ages. It takes place during the months of September—May. Heart Sisters gather around the table of a Heart Mom for dinner and fellowship. After dinner Heart Mom’s lead a Bible study and discussion about Christ-centered experiences. The goal of this ministry is to build relationships, link the hearts of women and pass our faith on to the next generation.

Ministry Leaders: Sheryl Peters, Kellie Vansteenberg

Holiday Brunch
The Holiday Brunch is an annual event that is held each year on the first Saturday morning in December. A large number of women take this opportunity to spend time with old friends and meet new ones. It is a great time to kick off the Holiday Season and enjoy fun, food and fellowship with Christian sisters.

Ministry Leader: Haley Thomson

Sister Connection
This ministry provides opportunities for the women at Grace Crossing to get to know one another through fellowship and small group activities. Our goal is for each woman to build stronger relationships with each other and grow closer to God.

Ministry Leader: Haley Thomson