Mother’s Day Drive-In Worship

Join us for a special stay-in-your-car, in-our-parking-lot,

every-other-parking-space, tune-into-the-radio,

worship gathering at 9:00 and 10:30 am.

We can’t gather inside, but we can meet up in the Grace Crossing Parking Lot and follow strict protocol: If you are sick, please stay home. And also, please do not bring others that are currently outside your own home with you in your car to the service. We want this to be as safe as possible for all.
Upon arrival, you will be directed to park in every other space and offered, in a safe and sanitary manner, self-contained communion kits. Please note: The church building will remain closed and restrooms will not be available.
So, come at either 9:00am or 10:30am, park as directed, either stay in your vehicle or in a lawn chair, and join us for worship on Mother’s Day! If you don’t get out this Sunday, we will also again offer a virtual online worship experience as well.