Update from the Grace Crossing Leadership Team

May 14, 2021

First, thank you for displaying the spirit and attitude of Jesus over the last 14 months as we have patiently endured the pandemic. It has not always been easy, but your understanding and flexibility have been greatly appreciated!
We’ve said all along that we want to be wise. So, we’ve been listening to national, state and regional officials. We’ve also been listening to the wisdom of our local schools. Schools have changed their social distancing requirements from 6 feet to 3 feet. So, we’ve gradually adjusted our practices and have added more seating in our worship space. It’s great to have more people together in worship!
And now the CDC has amended its guidance for those who are fully vaccinated. As of Thursday, May 13, the CDC is no longer recommending masks indoors or outdoors, including crowds, for the fully vaccinated.
So, our plan is to return to a single 10am Worship, preceded by 9am Bible classes for children, youth and adults on May 30. And masks will be optional.
By that point, those who wish to get vaccinated should have ample opportunity to do so. We understand that some are still awaiting full vaccination, and some may still choose to wear masks – and that is fine. We understand that some may still want to respect 3 feet of social distance between family groups – and that is fine. We want to provide a safe and welcoming environment where all can be comfortable in worship and in classes. So, we will continue to be understanding of each other.
But we have reached an important milestone! And we are glad to be returning to more normal interactions in our worship gatherings. Some of our recent changes will become our norm. We will still use prepackaged communion kits and encourage online giving. Of course, boxes are available by the doors for checks or cash. So, we will continue to creatively practice healthy ways of being God’s people in community.
We know this has been a hard season. And we know that our church family has had a diversity of opinions about how best to navigate the past few months. But we want to commend you, church. You have had a tremendous commitment to keeping unity through this trying time!
Let’s continue that! Because what unites us above everything else is our love for God and God’s mission to others.
Grace Crossing is a United Family that Loves God, Loves People and Follows Jesus Into the World!
And that’s not just a trite saying – we want to live that out!
So, we’re excited to return to one worship assembly at 10am on May 30! Please be thinking and praying about who you can invite to be a part of our Sunday morning gatherings. We want to help people get closer to God through Jesus Christ.
So, that’s how it looks today. We will stay prayerful and walk in wisdom. And we continue to be blessed by your amazing support and your prayers.
On behalf of our leadership team of elders and ministers, let me just say, Thank you! We love you! And God bless you!
Doug Peters