Update from Doug Peters

March 4, 2021

This past year has certainly been unique! Or, to use the most overused term – Unprecedented! It’s been about a year since we had to cancel our in-person gatherings because of a virus. And we have been in a time of transition ever since.
But now, it appears, we are also able to anticipate progress toward a more normal season. We regret the loss of life and difficulty experienced by everyone affected by COVID. But we’re also excited to see the progress with treatments, vaccinations and the declining statistics.
After all, those numbers are more than numbers, they are people – our neighbors, friends and family. So, from the beginning, we’ve said that we’re not just looking out for ourselves, we’re living into the example and teachings of Jesus. We are looking to the interests of others – particularly the most vulnerable among us.
As our regional, state and national leaders respond to our current time, our church leaders must also use wisdom. As one of our elders said, “We view this as more of a dimmer switch than a light switch.” We recognize more wisdom in a gradual approach than a drastic approach.
Again, it is not about any one of us, it is about putting others first. And we have a variety of folks in different situations – different ages, different health, and different perspectives and levels of comfort. So, we have all had the opportunity to grow in our love and understanding of each other.
With the recent announcement by our Governor, we know you may be wondering about next steps for Grace Crossing. So, let me address that. We don’t expect much to change between now and Easter.
Here is our plan for Easter:
  • On Easter Sunday, April 4, we are planning two services with breakfast and kid’s activities between them.
  • At 8am we will have an early outdoor service under the Pavilion.
  • Then, still under the Pavilion, we will provide some breakfast foods and drink.
  • Following Kid’s activities and an Egg Hunt, we will have a 2nd service in our usual worship space at 10am.
That will be our schedule for Easter Sunday. You can help us by making sure those two services are fairly evenly attended. Maybe you would be willing to get up early and come to that first service?
Then, the following Sunday, April 11 we will return to our recent schedule of worship assemblies at both 9am and 11am. Our Teen Group meets for class between the two services. And our Kid Groups will also continue during the 11am service. We thank all who have stepped up to serve our kids!
And now, consistent with our gradual approach, we plan to add an Adult Bible Class or two between the two services – probably starting at 10:10am. So, be looking for more information about that Adult Bible Class opportunity after Easter!
Now, you may be wondering: Well, since we are easing back into an Adult Bible Class on April 11, what about Children’s Bible Classes? Good question!
The fact of the matter is that it takes far more adult servants to equip for children’s classes than for adult classes. But we hope that more of you will soon be ready to step up and help with Children’s classes so we can begin those in the near future. If you are willing to help launch Children’s classes, perhaps as early as May, please contact Emily Burns, our Children’s Family Minister.
And you may be wondering about masks? Well, due to the diverse situations of our members and guests, we are still encouraging you to wear those into and out of our building. We will be looking at that more into the future as, Lord willing, we move past this season.
Thanks so much for your positive attitude and cooperation during this time! Because, after all, Grace Crossing is a United Family, that Loves God, Loves People and Follows Jesus into the World!