New Senior Minister

Doug and Sheryl PetersWelcome, Doug and Sheryl Peters!
Sunday, September 25, 2016, marked a historic occasion for Grace Crossing and the fulfillment of a year-long search, as we officially welcomed our new Senior Minister and his wife, Doug and Sheryl Peters. As a church family, we have all played a role through our encouragement and prayers to bring a man of God suited to help lead and guide our family through its next season of growth.
Doug and Sheryl will be transitioning during the next few months to be fully in place at the start of the new year. Doug will be finishing his responsibilities with Oklahoma Christian University this semester but will be with us on weekends to carry out the preaching ministry and become acquainted with all the various aspects of the ministry at Grace Crossing. They will gradually integrate into our family life and be able to get fully up to speed allowing our unity to be very strong as the new year begins.
Please be praying for God’s hand to bless each part of the move and transition. Our future has never been brighter!

Meet and Greet Weekend

Minister Candidate Weekend

Meet and Greet • Saturday, September 10, 3–5 pm
Preaching/Teaching • Sunday, September 11
The Grace Crossing elders and senior minister search team want to thank you for your prayerful encouragement through our interim season. We appreciate your patient and prayerful support through the process. We have seen God at work and we anticipate God’s continued faithfulness into the future.
Specifically, we are excited to inform you that we will have a guest preacher next weekend. The search team has made a unanimous recommendation to the elders and we have spent the last several weeks getting to know and personally visiting with a minister and his family. After much prayerful discernment, your shepherds are unanimously recommending a minister candidate for your consideration and affirmation. We take this responsibility seriously and have concluded that God has led us to this point.
We have invited the minister and his family to be with us next weekend to be personally introduced as our recommended candidate. Our search team and elders will host a “come and go” reception on Saturday, September 10, from 3 – 5 PM in the Atrium. He will also preach at both worship assemblies on Sunday morning. During our normal class time, all adults will meet in the worship center where he will speak for a while and then they will be available to informally mingle and meet with you.
While the search team, elders and staff have been able to build a growing relationship with this family, we also want you to have the opportunity to meet and interact with them. Please take advantage of these opportunities. We value your continued prayers and feedback. Please feel free to communicate any input you might have with any of the elders through Wednesday, September 14.
Please remain prayerful during this exciting time!

Journal Cards for Prayer

The Minister Search Team is focused on identifying for the Elders candidates who are most qualified to fill the Senior Minister position at Grace Crossing. We believe God has chosen and prepared our next Senior Minister to work with us. We believe that through prayer and open, honest communication with them, God will show us His chosen minister.

The Search Team believes strongly that we should all be praying frequently for the search process and for the candidates. For several weeks, Prayer Points and scripture have been displayed on the Sunday Happenings slides. These are reminders to be in prayer about our search and contain specific things that may be included in our prayers.

On March 6, we introduced a new prayer initiative that we call the Prayer Journal. The idea of a journal is a written record that occurs over a span of time. For our Prayer Journal, we are asking that all of us write a series of prayers over the next weeks for the search process and for the new Senior Minister and his family. When they arrive, we will deliver those cards as an encouragement to show how much we believe that God has chosen them for the work here and has answered our prayers. While it is true we don’t know who will be our new Senior Minister yet, we believe deeply that God has already chosen and prepared our new minister for this work. Our role is to prayerfully ask that God’s choice for us be revealed.

Where do we write this Prayer Journal? We have created special Prayer Journal cards on which to record our prayers. Each card has a place for your name, date, and space to write prayer thoughts on both front and back. There are blank cards available on each of the black tables in the rear of the Worship Center by each door. We will write prayers during the week, bring the completed cards on Sundays, and place them in the brown boxes at each of the Worship Center doors.

We hope you will author new cards frequently (at least once per week). Writing prayers may be a new experience for some of us. Simple expressions of our prayer thoughts in our own words are all that is necessary. Examples of prayer thoughts might be: For the search process to identify the best qualified candidates; for the Spirit to guide the ultimate choice by the Elders; for God’s Calling to be heard by the new minister; for his family to be excited about moving to a new work; for protection from Satan who will try to interfere in all of these things.

There is another use for these Prayer Journal cards. Our Elders, staff and Rubel have been working many hours every week to crystalize God’s vision for our work here. This united direction is important to share with our candidates during the search. If you wish to write a prayer for them, you can write an addressee in the upper left area of the card. Those cards will go to the Elders, staff or Rubel as you indicate. All cards that are not specially addressed are assumed to be for our new minister and family.

Kid’s Perspective on Minister Search

Our 1st and 2nd graders express their recommendations for our new senior minister.


Survey Results Overview


In December, all of our members were asked to provide feedback to our Elders and Minister Search Team. On Sunday, January 24, Rubel Shelly shared with us an overview of the results from that survey. If you were unable to attend, you can access a recording of his presentation below, along with the visual report.

Congregational Survey

We are asking each of our members to provide feedback to our elders and the Preaching Minister Search Team. Everyone who is 16 years old or older is eligible and encouraged to complete the survey. Whether you are a member, former member, or simply a friend of Grace Crossing, we would like to hear from you. Your input is important to us, and it is important that we hear as many voices as possible as we seek to discern the call of God and find the person God is preparing for an important leadership position in our congregation.
Your responses will be anonymous. Neither your name nor your IP address will be associated with your responses. Only aggregated data will be reported. Results of the survey will be shared with church leadership and the Search Team. A summary will be provided to the congregation.

Click here to begin survey

Congregational Meeting

Minister Search 1280x768

Congregational Meeting

December 6 • 10:10 am • Youth Center

Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 6th. Vital information will be given to the congregation on the search for a new Senior Minister for the family at Grace Crossing. Adult classes will gather, “all together”, in the Youth Center at the 10:00 A.M. class time. Children will be cared for in the Education Building. Those members who attend the second service are asked to come at this time, in order to not miss any of this important information. The input from the congregation is important, so don’t miss this opportunity to be an active part of the process.

Minister Search Team Commits to Serve

The Elders have given a charge to a diverse team, to lead the search for a prospective Senior Minister to join our family at Grace Crossing. Each member of the team has signed a covenant to devote themselves completely to the responsibility involved with their roles in this process. This process with follow a well thought out plan, involving time to make the correct choice. Your patience, as they go about this task, will be welcomed.

The Team will be chaired by Joe Stork and the members are:
Beverly Bollinger, Betye Fawcett, Daphne Ciufo, Chip VanSteenberg, Nicole Martin, Tim Huffman, Gloria O’Neale, Don Gilbert, Lee Moore, Jon Stafford, Jamie Osborne, Jennifer Allen, Matt Meredith, Micah Quinn, Taylor Cleary, and Jonesa Cochran.

This Godly work has begun and the team is moving forward with the task. The Minister Search Team asks that you cover them with your prayers as they go forward with this process.