New Senior Minister

Doug and Sheryl PetersWelcome, Doug and Sheryl Peters!
Sunday, September 25, 2016, marked a historic occasion for Grace Crossing and the fulfillment of a year-long search, as we officially welcomed our new Senior Minister and his wife, Doug and Sheryl Peters. As a church family, we have all played a role through our encouragement and prayers to bring a man of God suited to help lead and guide our family through its next season of growth.
Doug and Sheryl will be transitioning during the next few months to be fully in place at the start of the new year. Doug will be finishing his responsibilities with Oklahoma Christian University this semester but will be with us on weekends to carry out the preaching ministry and become acquainted with all the various aspects of the ministry at Grace Crossing. They will gradually integrate into our family life and be able to get fully up to speed allowing our unity to be very strong as the new year begins.
Please be praying for God’s hand to bless each part of the move and transition. Our future has never been brighter!

Giving is God-like

by Mike Watkins, Shepherd
Have you caught that new show “The Briefcase” yet? When I viewed a couple of episodes, it was right about the time we were covering John 3:16 in our Sunday morning sermon series; “for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son…”

The show sets up a dichotomy in that two couples who don’t know each other are given a briefcase with $1 Million dollars cash in it. Neither couple knows that the other couple involved also has a similar briefcase and a similar charge. As they learn more and more details about each other, they must decide how much of what is in their briefcase to give away and how much to keep. In the end, of course, regardless of their decision, each finds out that the other couple is making a similar determination about them.

The interesting part is that it deals right up front and personally with greed and/or giving. You get to see the tugs and pulls that each couple undergoes as they decide if they are going to be generous and if so, how much to give and how much to keep for themselves.

In one of the few that I have seen, once each couple found out about the plight of the other couple, they decided to give the entire amount – a cool Million Dollars – to the other couple. It took each couple a long time to reach that heavy decision, but in the end, each couple did exactly the same thing – they gave it all away. So each couple was generous to the max, but each was then blessed to the max as well.

I commented to my wife Tricia that it was an example of Christianity on display, except that Christ and God were never mentioned in that particular episode.

I think, and have long thought, that when we give, we are the most God-like. God gave us his qualities and attributes, but the ability to give and love of giving are to me the one that demonstrates the best quality of “God in us.”

Now I am not talking about the contribution plate on Sunday AM. Yes, that is giving, but that is only a minor part of our giving. Giving reaches into our wallet, our talents, our abilities, and our time well outside of the Sunday morning assembly.

Have you ever given something; time, talent, resources and just felt real doggone good about it? I think that feeling that we get when we give is God acknowledging that we are mimicking Him when we give.

Think about what you would do if you were presented with one of the briefcases on the show. Would you be God-like and be a giver, or would you………

Ministry Spotlight June 2015: Sisters in Service

I have so enjoyed leading the ministry of Sisters in Service! When I think of this ministry, I can’t help but think of Proverbs 31:20 in the hymn to a wife of noble character…”She’s quick to assist anyone in need, reaches out to help the poor.”
Sisters in Service is a ministry through which ladies in our church prepare and take meals to fellow members’ homes during times of need. Whether that means unexpected medical emergencies, recovery from surgery, grieving the loss of a loved one, or welcoming home a new baby, Sisters in Service is ready to take action.
I have had the opportunity to witness this ministry from both sides and can say that there is joy in both giving and receiving! I have enjoyed bringing meals to folks during times of need. Not only is it satisfying to know you are helping out in a small way, but this is an excellent way to connect with church members who you may not have had the privilege of meeting or who have been unable to attend service in a while due to long term illness or recovery. It is also very exciting when you get the chance to meet a new little member of our church family! 🙂
It’s a lot more than just a casserole or pot roast, although that is meeting a need! The few minutes of visitation spent, prayers prayed, or even meeting members that you hadn’t gotten to know yet really sticks with a person. I know that I am touched and inspired by the ladies at Grace Crossing for the ways that they have helped other members through Sisters in Service. It doesn’t take a highly skilled cook to assist in this ministry, just a willingness to serve. Look for a booth in the atrium before and after service, during the month of June, where you can sign up or find out more information about Sisters in Service. God has great things in store for Sisters in Service!
-Lauren Keese

Jesus: In His Own Words

The greatest words ever spoken were not only spoken by Jesus; but also about Jesus. 
The most significant statements that Jesus made were the ones about himself. We have a record of over 170 claims that Jesus made about himself. These bold declarative statements are the foundation upon which is laid everything else that Jesus said and did. Jesus claimed to be both a king and a servant; the son of God and the Son of Man; the beginning and the end; the life and light of the world, and living water. No one else ever claimed to be all righteousness, and the total fulfillment of the law of God. No one else ever offered eternal life! 

Amazingly, in spite of all his majesty and glory, Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with each one of us! “Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” John 17:3

-Carl Etchison

A Prayer of Appreciation

Precious heavenly Father,


I thank you for your faithfulness and truth, the principles on which you have always stood. Help me to be faithful and truthful as you are. Let your word dwell richly within me, molding and making me into the person you want me to be.

How I appreciate your love for me dear heavenly Father. Love that is so unconditional, unmerited, but ever available and applicable to us your children. Condition our hearts by your grace to receive freely this love which is so fulfilling and rewarding. What pure, perfect peace results from your presence. May we come with confidence to you, assured of your acceptance. Knowing that as you have promised, you will never leave us or forsake us, hence we may boldly say that you are our helper.

Your help is so much needed as we travel the road of holiness. We need you every hour most precious Lord. What sweet fellowship and communion you share with those who obey your word. Thank you for sanctifying us with your truth for your word is truth. Oh the joy of sins forgiven. The pleasure of having our sins washed away in your blood. The bliss of obeying your word and knowing your love.

Our creator, Master and friend, what a pleasant thought, that your designed it that we your creation can be your friends.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Once more I confess you as Lord in every department of my being. Take absolute control in all areas of my life. Please reign on the throng of my heart, for you are my rightful King.

Love your precious child.

-Godfrey O’Neale

Missions Fundraiser Auction Items

honduras fundraiser2

Missions Auction Donations

Our annual Missions Fundraiser is a fun way to raise money for the projects that are completed during our summer mission trip. We need donated items and services to make the auction part of our fundraiser a success. Simply fill our the form below, then bring your item (if applicable) as directed.
  • Local Business Items/Services: Restaurants, Car Washes, Auto Service, Dry Cleaning, Gift Cards
  • Handmade Items: Paintings, Sculptures, Woodworking, and other artistic pieces.
  • Services: Yard Work, Babysitting, Auto Repair, Home Repair/Remodeling
  • Single and Season Event Tickets: Sporting Events, Theatre, Concerts
  • Relaxation and Adventure: Lake Houses, Hunting Leases, Fishing Excursions, Cruises
Someone will be available on Sunday mornings in the Atrium, and also Saturday, April 25, from 11am-2pm to accept donations. If you cannot bring your item any of these days, please contact Karen Eppink by email or at 281-797-4803 to make special arrangements. (Please do not leave items at the guest booth or office without letting Karen know.)

Detailed Description of Item or Service*

Estimated Value (What it would sell for in a store)*

Minimum Bid (if not specified, we'll begin at 1/3 to 1/2 of value

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Spring Break in Haiti

Haiti Spring Break 2015

March 19, 2015 – Dave Gibbs

Last week, five members of the Grace Crossing family led a team of 13 ACU students to the new Mission Lazarus School in Gras, Haiti. Melvin and Marva Little, Godfrey O’Neale, Curtis Purifoy and Dave Gibbs joined up with former GC youth intern Alec Finch, former member Taylor Flowers, and eleven other ACU students to work on getting the new school ready to open this fall.
Haiti Spring Break 2015 ProjectThe American team worked side-by-side with a team of skilled construction workers from Haiti, as well as our job foreman from Honduras, as we tackled several projects on this beautiful new facility. This new school in Gras will be nearly 5,000 square feet, including four large classrooms; a large kitchen & cafeteria; storage facilities; clean, modern bathrooms; and a fresh water system which will bless the entire community.  With 10 acres of land to grow on, plans are to continue to grow the school from the initial two grades to add at least one grade per year until fully developed.

Under Melvin’s expert leadership, the team got a base layer of paint on the entire facility and a great start on the beautiful final color scheme. Godfrey’s team handled several special projects including framing up the concrete forms and columns for our water tower. Curtis and Dave lead a crazy team of concrete workers pouring over 75 tons of concrete. By the time we left, the project was well on the road to completion and ahead of schedule.

After 14 long hours of travel and four different airports, the team arrived safe & sound back in Houston on Friday night with sore muscles, concrete dust and paint in our eyes, and a glow in our hearts thinking about all the friends we made in Haiti and the hundreds of children whose lives will be touched by the work God did through our hands last week. We are grateful to all of our brothers and sisters here at Grace Crossing who supported us through prayers and funds to make all of this possible.