Discerning Spiritual Leaders at Grace Crossing


Preparation Phase (Fall 2018-January)

  • Teaching
  • Plan process phases
  • Assemble Discernment Process Team (DPT)

Consideration Phase (January/February)

  • Teaching
  • Explain process phases
  • DPT will plan for a truly spiritual process
  • Congregation prayerfully considers potential leaders

Recommendation Phase (February/March)

  • Congregational spiritual practices
  • Recommendation Forms completed by GC members
  • Member input reviewed by DPT and current elders
  • Notify potential elders

Reflection Phase (March) Current Phase

  • Congregational spiritual practices
  • Counting the Cost Meeting
  • Potential and current elders decide about proceeding
  • Introspective Questionnaires completed
  • DPT and current elder discernment

Affirmation Phase (April)

  • Congregational spiritual practices
  • Affirmation Forms completed by GC members
  • Introspective Questionnaires available
  • Biblical Objection Forms available
  • Final DPT and current elder discernment
  • Announce elders to be affirmed


Ordination Phase (April)

  • Ordination of elders
  • Elder “Boot Camp”

Guiding Values

We affirm God’s sovereignty and we affirm his desire to work through the people he created.

We seek to imitate Christ, live by the fruit and power of the Holy Spirit and reflect God’s nature as we seek to live out his will together.

We seek a process that can be characterized by spiritual discernment instead of partisan politics. It should be shaped by kingdom values.

We seek a process that is communal rather than individualistic.

We seek a process that is characterized by an atmosphere of spiritual discipline. It will lead the church in an opportunity for spiritual formation.

We believe that effective process is more important than efficiency in spiritual discernment. We seek to live out these values realizing that spiritual discernment is an intentional and communal discipline that takes time and effort.